10 Things We Accomplished in 2021 with Kilee Nickels

My husband and business partner, Soren, is on the podcast with me today. We’re reflecting on the past year which is one of my favorite things to do around this time. As a business owner, it’s great to reflect on what the last year has brought and how that can…

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Holiday Traditions with Kilee Nickels

As a working mom, I think family traditions are more important than ever – not to mention they are my favorite no-brainer holiday activities. They completely take the stress out of coming up with activities, and they create memories for my kids and give them something to look forward to….

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Tackling Mental Health With Kilee Nickels

TW: This episode and blog post features discussions about eating disorders, anorexia, depression, and anxiety. This content may be difficult for some, and listener discretion is strongly advised. National Mental Health Day passed a few weeks ago. I was so inspired by everyone who not only acknowledged the day but…

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Angela Lee Gieras of Inspired Arts Management with Kilee Nickels

My guest on the podcast this week, Angela Lee Gieras, describes herself as a collector of interesting people, citing a passion and motivation for supporting others. Her story is so inspiring, and touches on what happens when you pursue your passion and say yes to new opportunities.   Angela left…

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Modern Cruella Costume: Nickels’ Halloween Costumes 2021

 From the very beginning, I’ve always made a statement.  -Cruella It’s funny how those happy accidents can change the whole direction of your life. -Cruella But I wasn’t FOR everyone. -Cruella How does the saying go? “I am a woman. Hear me roar.” -Cruella I’m not usually one for dressing…

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Hi, I'm Kilee. I am a mom of 5 and founder and CEO of Nickel & Suede. I'm passionate about empowering women to be themselves through the way they dress and the way they go after their dreams.

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