With Kilee Nickels Podcast: Life is Beautiful- Even When It’s Messy -Episode 61

Summary: In this week’s episode, I talk about getting back into the swing of things as a working mom and entrepreneur. I have definitely been falling forward these days, and I want to talk about how I move on from those feelings.    Here in the Midwest, things are starting to reopen slowly but surely….

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With Kilee Nickels Podcast: Anna Alessi from Cycle of Heart -Episode 60

Summary: In this week’s episode, I sit down with the inspiring Anna Alessi, owner and Founder of Cycle of Heart, a spin studio and community. We talk about loving yourself through every step of your journey and what it means to go all-in on your goals. This is one of my favorite interviews so I’m excited to share it with…

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With Kilee Nickels Podcast: How To Get Dressed in 2021-Episode 59

Summary: In this week’s episode, I talk about style and what it looks like after a year of sweatpants and Zoom meetings. I touch on upcoming trends, how to update your wardrobe, and why the season’s best accessory is confidence.”  After a whole year of sweats and pajamas, it’s time to start getting dressed and leaving…

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With Kilee Nickels Podcast: Comparison-Episode 58

Summary: This week on the podcast, I want to talk about comparing ourselves to one another and how to overcome those thoughts. Comparison is probably one of the biggest reasons why we as women struggle to celebrate one another.  BLOG:  As Women’s History Month comes to an end, I think about how we celebrate…

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With Kilee Nickels Podcast: Empowered Women Empower Women-Episode 57

Synopsis: In this week’s episode, I reflect on Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. I talk about what women’s empowerment means to me, and how the women in my life have helped me find the confidence to be my most authentic self.  March is Women’s History Month and as I look back on how that translates to my own life, I think about what led me to…

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Hi, I'm Kilee. I am a momma and a business owner living outside of Kansas City, Missouri. I'm passionate about empowering women to be themselves through the way they dress and the way they go after their dreams.

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